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INTERVIEW: Inside The Toolbox Of Rose McClement

Publication: City Magazine Date: July 2011 In this July issue of City Magazine Rose McClement answers some interview questions posed to her by the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. The interview takes a more personal peek into Rose’s decorators toolbox to find about her interests and experiences…    as you  as a person, so too will your . Just remain

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ARTICLE: Small Spaces In Your Face

Publication: RISKSA Magazine Date: July 2011 In the July issue of RISKSA Rose chats about the emotional and physical effects small spaces and crowded work areas can have on the office employee. She also gives a few tips on how one can alleviate the feeling of claustrophobia in an already tight space… My  to those who already occupy very […]

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ARTICLE: Feng Shui – Art Of Harmonious Living

Publication: City Magazine Date: April 2011 In this issue of City Mag Rose elaborates and explains the definition of the term “Feng Shui”. She also shares a handful of tips and tools that will assist you in adjusting the chi of your home or office to create a more harmonious Feng Shui space…    (pronounced foong shway)  is […]

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ARTICLE: Children’s Rooms – Living The Fantasy

Publication: City Magazine Date: January 2011 In this issue of City Mag Rose discusses children’s rooms and the importance of creating a safe haven for your child in which they can freely express themselves. She shares some valuable tips and hints on how to develop a creative child-friendly space…  A child’s environment has a  on their behaviour, […]

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ARTICLE: Choosing Art For Your Home & Office

Publication: City Magazine Date: March 2011 Choosing art for your home or office can be a daunting task. In this issue of City Mag Rose sets out some easy-to-follow criteria and tips that will empower you to choose the right art for your space…  Experience art with your , not only your eyes. It should own its space on […]

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ARTICLE: Into The Man Cave

Publication: City Magazine Date: November 2011 In this issue of City Mag Rose elaborates on the definition of the term “Man Cave” and, with the help of a case study, explains what makes for an excellent and desirable Man Cave. On the door of each man cave could be a sign that reads: . For men […]

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City Mag - June 2011 - Inspired Space

ARTICLE: Create Your Inspired Space

Publication: City Magazine Date: June 2011 In this issue of City Mag Rose shares some excellent tips on redecorating your space. The secret: she believes that in decorating and design, like any other project, the key to unlocking a successful, individual and inspired space is good planning. As your most critical planning tool, your  will […]

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