FEATURE: First Home Tips

Sunday Times: First Home Tips

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Publication: Sunday Times – Home Weekly

Date: August 2013

Buying and moving into your first home is an extremely exciting prospect. It can however be a touch overwhelming too. Sunday Times gathered together 15 excellent “first home” tips and suggestions for their newspaper supplement, Home Weekly. They asked Rose for her best piece of advice for first-time home owners…

Tips for Decorating Your First Home

Rose’s clever tip for buying furniture for your new home:

Ensure that you don’t overcrowd your space with furniture that is oversized and bulky. Too many people go shopping for their furniture before taking the time to plot the space and assessing exactly what size sofas or chairs will be the right fit in that area. As an example, buying a three-seater sofa with big round arms consumes space and costs more, when in fact what the space allowed for was a two- or two-and-a-half-seater with narrower arms. It is all about taking a little extra care to plan ahead of time.

— Rose McClement, Interior Designer, Design Monarchy

To view the article click here: Sunday Times: Home Sweet Home – 15 Tips to Make Your First Home Your Own

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