Dolphin Beach Holiday Apartment

Our client, Mrs Turner, is the owner of successful, well-positioned guest houses and a holiday apartment in Cintsa, a gem of a coastal resort along South Africa’s Eastern Coastline.  Most of which have in recent years undergone interior upgrades. We were fortunate enough to work alongside of Mrs Turner on those upgrades.

In 2016 Mrs Turner invested in another gem of an apartment for hospitality purposes. This time it was at the Dolphin Beach Resort, perfectly positioned at one of the best beaches in Cape Town, with a magnificent view of Table Mountain.

With this venue Mrs Turner’s brief was to not only upgrade the space with more current interior elements, but to create an interior that was an uncluttered, contemporary space, inclusive of gentle coastal influences, since the commanding view was to remain the primary feature. The brief included her request to retain some of the existing pieces of furniture, but to bring it in line with the new colours and tone of the interior space. The colour scheme was largely white, accented with was soft pastel tones of aqua and yellow. Grey was introduced as a neutral contrast in window treatments, accessories and headboard.

It was another of those projects that evolved as we went along from what was at first thought to be a few decorative elements we progressed on to introduce some trendy Scandinavian interior elements in keeping with the uncluttered interior style.  Finally, Mrs Turner introduced art with very strong contemporary South African flavour something she felt could make a memorable imprint for the international visitors.