Kilcoran Lodge Hotel

Another project for O’Reilly & Associates, we took on the ballroom refurbishment of Kilcoran Lodge in Cahir, Ireland. This traditional country hotel exudes a vibrant atmosphere and generates a substantial portion of their revenue from their ballroom. The challenge was to transform the outdated, overdressed space into a luxurious and opulent venue whilst preserving the traditional charm. With the application of subtle colour palettes, luxurious fabrics, decorative chandeliers and sensuous wallpapers we managed to fulfill the brief. Once done, we felt a bit like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother – as if a wand had been waved over the space and a gorgeous beauty emerged. What a great feeling.

Kilcoran Lodge Hotel The beautiful window treatments made from luxurious damask silk.
Kilcoran Lodge Hotel The Kilcoran Lodge ballroom set up for a local Irish wedding.
Kilcoran Lodge Hotel The glamorous crystal chandeliers made the long trip from South Africa to Ireland via airplane… quite a relieve when they landed in one piece!
Kilcoran Lodge Hotel A lovely focal point in the ballroom was the original traditional fireplace and the contemporary mirror which beautifully reflected the chandeliers.
Kilcoran Lodge Hotel Another shot of Kilcoran Lodge Hotel's gorgeous crystal chandeliers.
Kilcoran Lodge Hotel Since the ladies restroom had no source of natural light we designed a "faux" window with built-in lighting to add interest and create the illusion of natural light.
Kilcoran Lodge Hotel Just to illustrate the extent of the transform - this is an image of the ballroom BEFORE we refurbished it. Can you believe that this is the same space?!