Pinelands Place Retirement Village

Pinelands Place is one of CPOA’s more established and larger Retirement Venues and situated in the heart of the leafy southern suburbs of Cape Town. The brief that Mrs Paulse, the Chief Procurement Officer for CPOA, gave Design Monarchy was once again very specific in terms of the style, look, feel and colours.

Most of the existing furniture was being reallocated to another of their venues. The brief was thus to present a completely new style and colour palette for their large public lounge and the 144-seater dining room.  Window treatment was being upgraded as well. Once Mrs Paulse directed us towards her colour palette which was hues of blue and green, with contemporary floral patterns to keep the tone of the interiors fresh, we were commissioned to put together the interior schemes, source the furniture and all related fabrics for the project, manage the production of furniture, source and select the art, culminating with installation together with Mrs Paulse.  However, the real crunch was the very tight time frames we had to work with during the busiest period for local manufacturers.

The building has face brick exterior and interior walls, which in and of itself presents a very “hard” facade.  With the clever application of contemporary classic styled furniture and fabrics  a great deal of the rugged earthy texture impact of the face brick walls was reduced and complimented with hues of medium tones of blue and fresh greens. The overall interior scheme eventually could be regarded as “earth, grass and sky”.

Not only did we manage to pull of a successful interior project upgrade, but we were proud of the fact that we did it despite the ticking clock.  Something made possible by our ‘behind the scenes team’ coming out of the strong relationships we have built over the years with our bank of preferred suppliers and manufacturers.