Children’s Wing Humansdorp

In 2009 we had the rare (and fun) privilege to design and develop the interiors and décor of a new “wing” for the two young children of our client, a CEO. The wing consisted of a large playroom and separate girl’s and boy’s bedrooms – each with its own bathroom en-suite. Each bedroom gave expression to the fantasies of the individual child – a Princess-themed room for the little girl and a Star Wars-themed room for the little boy. The best aspect about this playful, safe and creative space is that these two children were gifted by their parents with an area which afforded them the opportunity to grow into the endless possibilities open to them.

Children’s Wing Humansdorp A 3D view of the pastel-coloured children's playroom - the space even included a small movable "stage" for the little girl.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp We custom designed all the playroom cabinetry and furniture. This TV unit was carefully designed to house all the AV equipment as well as the children's CDs, DVDs, game stations and related games.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp To keep the playroom well organized we designed this colourful toy storage unit to accommodate anything from balls & soft toys to small cars & marbles. The toy boxes were painted with chalkboard paint to clearly indicate what is stored within.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp This large table was designed for Scalextric and Lego activities – the drawers offered more than enough space to store all the small components.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp Part of the playroom at the time of installation.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp The colourful and cosy reading nook in the children's playroom.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp A 3D Image of the little boy's space bedroom.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp We designed a galaxy bulkhead for the space bedroom. The bulkhead contained colour-changing LED lighting.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp For the little boy's en-suite bathroom we chose masculine finishes and colours with pops of red for contrast.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp For the little girl's princess bedroom we incorporated sparkly fabric, a glitzy crystal chandelier, and furniture with slight French lines.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp One or two of the pretty pink décor elements we sourced for the little girl's princess room.
Children’s Wing Humansdorp The girl's bathroom mirrored the boy's bathroom in design but featured slightly more feminine finishes and of course a pastel pink & purple colour scheme.